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Solenoids - hydraulic applications


Parmeko produce a range of high performance proportional and on-off solenoids for the industrial and mobile fluid power markets. The range includes round and square solenoids both with integral and detachable coils. All solenoids are designed to meet specific customer requirements.

Hydraulic Solenoids

Solenoids - custom special


Parmeko also produce solenoids for special and often hazardous applications such as intrinsically safe mining and sub sea. Interlock solenoids with hardened pins are produced for a variety of safety critical applications. Parmeko's expertise in solenoids means that solutions can be found for even the most demanding applications

Custom Special Solenoids

Solenoids - open frame


Parmeko produce a range of small & medium sized open frame solenoids for a variety of different applications. The construction types available are "C" frame and "D" (or box) frame. Both are suitable for ac or dc applications, base or side mounting and push or pull operation. Power rating, duty cycle and force levels are all determined to meet the requirements of the particular application.

Open Frame Solenoids

Holding magnets


A range of holding magnets are manufactured to meet specific customer requirements. Size, fixing arrangement & environmental protection are all tailoured to the particular application. All magnets are encapsulated with epoxy resin.

Holding Magnets



Parmeko have been manufacturing transformers for over 60 years and continue to produce devices of the highest quality. A design capability means that an already extensive range is continuing to expand as transformers are produced to meet the requirements of new applications.



Patrick Alexander Lannagan, Dermot Justin Power and Joanne Marie Wright were appointed Joint Administrators of Parmeko Limited on 3 April 2013.

The Affairs, business and property of the Company are being managed by the Joint Administrators, who are agents of the Company and act without personal liability.


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